China Two Sessions 2022

China’s Two Sessions 2024

The National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) will convene their annual sessions from Monday 4 March, with Premier Li Qiang delivering his inaugural government work report the following day.

This year’s conferences mark a watershed moment. It has been a full year since China emerged from the Covid pandemic, sweeping away restrictions in favour of revitalising growth. The ‘Two Sessions’ will offer us the most comprehensive window into how China’s leadership assesses its success – and what priorities and obstacles it envisages for the year ahead.

The last twelve months have been a mixed bag, with positive signs of recovery emerging while systemic challenges have also risen to the fore. A modest rise in consumption helped keep the Chinese economy on target, while more fundamental issues have continued to simmer. The global business community’s appetite for China still hovers on the threshold, as the introduction of several new, security-heavy laws have raised eyebrows internationally.

At the same time, China has doubled down on attracting foreign investment and innovation. Central government departments have explored new avenues for engaging with China-based MNCs, while local authorities have been tasked with cleaning up unfair practices. Relations with the U.S. have thawed since last summer, and Premier Li has been on the diplomatic charm offensive, in Davos and beyond – keen to emphasise that China is ready for business. There is a clear ‘soft power’ push too with China opening its borders to more and more visitors from Europe and Asia, marketing itself to the outside world as a friendly, open, and easy-going society

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Key Themes to Watch

  • Budgets and GDP growth targets for the coming year to be unveiled in Premier Li’s maiden government work report, confirming whether there will be a shift in policy direction
  • Longer-term priorities to be elaborated, addressing the balance between economic growth and national security
  • More measures to tackle systemic risks are likely to be put on the table, looking at youth unemployment, real estate over-reliance, stock market volatility
  • Stock takes on the success of ambitious environmental targets and the overall low-carbon transition strategy
  • Further initiatives to promote high-quality modernisation through foreign-invested manufacturing, scientific innovation, and green tech development
  • Assessment of geopolitical landscape and projections for foreign policy, after a year that has seen multiple international crises while the China-U.S. relationship has begun to stabilise.

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The Analytical Summary Report follows the conclusion of the NPC and CPPCC meetings, synthesising new developments and charting their implications. This includes policy directions, key appointments, and reforms – all customised for your business sectors.

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