Government and Public Affairs

Our Public Affairs & Government Relations experts have extensive experience in working with governments and other stakeholders across South-East Asia, China, Japan, and Australia, helping companies in achieving their business objectives.

Our focus is to provide you with timely and useful intelligence, support you in crafting the most effective PA & GR strategies, and execute these with integrity following local customs.

We are well-placed to work closely with you to strengthen your reputation, manage risks, build alliances, and open up new business opportunities through strategic engagement with your most important partners.

News & insights

  • Government and Public Affairs
    Building Influence in Asia Pacific through Public Affairs
    Setting up an effective public affairs function lays the foundation for business success in Asia-Pacific, where the political landscape is complex and policy environment is ever changing. Learn the six key steps to get started with public affairs.
  • G20 Summit 2023 Hits and Misses
    G20 Summit 2023 Hits and Misses
    In an unstable geopolitical environment, multilateral gatherings have the capacity to set policy trends in subtle, sometimes unpredictable ways. It is essential for companies to keep one eye on meetings like the recent G20 Summit in order to gauge wind direction for future decisions that could feed into regulations, trade agreements, travel restrictions, and a host of other areas affecting business.
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