As the world gears up for COP28 it is imperative that all organisations globally have a clear climate strategy and can articulate this – whether you are participating at COP28 or not. Equally vital is staying informed about the evolving climate conversations and developments at the conference, enabling timely response to any emerging issues or opportunities.

To help navigate this busy moment for the global climate agenda, we are proud to introduce a new suite of specialised communications and policy support services from on the ground at COP28.

Our NEW COP28 Services include:

Preparing for success at COP28

Climate messaging support and media training for key executives, including C-suite. Our dedicated international media team can connect you to leading media outlets, ensuring your messages reach global audiences. 

  • Messaging support
  • Position mapping and response
  • Media support
  • Sustainability media training

Global COP28 content creation

We help you to create and deliver impactful content in the lead up to, during and following COP28.

  • White papers
  • End to end production of bespoke research reports
  • Op-eds and opinion pieces
  • Social media posts

Keeping informed through COP28 monitoring and intelligence

We provide real-time monitoring of key conversations and developments tailored to your industry, ensuring you stay informed and can respond promptly to industry shifts and emerging issues and opportunities

  • Policy monitoring
  • Media tracking
  • Real-time media analysis
  • Competitor and peer insights

COP28 surveys

In the lead up to COP28, we support clients with bespoke surveys through our dedicated Research & Insights team.

  • Quantitative surveys
  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Client and stakeholder workshops
  • Desktop research

COP28 represents an opportunity to collectively drive

forward the global climate and sustainability agenda.

CONTACT US to discuss how we can partner with you during COP28.