AI Guidance for PR & Communications Teams

As the (generative) AI wave sweeps through the communications industry, Sandpiper, in collaboration with the Institute of Public Relations Singapore (IPRS), launched its latest research insights into how communications and corporate affairs professionals in Asia are navigating AI in the workplace.

The study confirmed not just the rapid and widespread adoption of generative AI, but also underscored the sector’s eagerness to harness the technology in day-to-day tasks. This mainly as an assistant to enhance productivity and to free up time to do more valuable work.

In response to growing calls for leadership and governance around the use of artificial intelligence, we developed an AI Guidance. This resource serves as an advisory starting point for our industry and helps communications and corporate affairs professionals better navigate the responsible and ethical application of AI within our profession.

The AI Guidance outlines five key principles:

  • Accountability, Governance and Human Supervision
  • Privacy, Security, and Data Protection
  • Appropriate Transparency
  • Fairness, Accuracy, and Inclusivity
  • Capability Building

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“The rapid adoption of especially generative AI in our sector underscores its immense potential to augment our work. Recent breakthroughs have shifted the question from ‘What if?’ to ‘What now?’. The AI Guidance aims to ensure that as we embrace AI’s capabilities in our day-to-day, we do so responsibly and ethically, maximising the benefits while minimising the risks. It lays a foundational blueprint for agencies, corporates, and government bodies to adopt for their own organisation, and aims to set the standard for our industry.”

Rob van Alphen, Head of Strategy & Innovation, APAC, Sandpiper