AI and Emerging Technology Integration

Advancements in emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), are dramatically reshaping all industries, including communications and public affairs.  

Generative AI platforms such as ChatGPT in particular already have hundreds of millions of active users and offer new possibilities and challenges in how we work – from facilitating idea generation to speeding up research, the creative process and content production.

As these tools play an increasing role in our daily work we offer expert guidance to help communications and public affairs teams harness the benefits, bridge strategic and creative disciplines, and solve complex business problems, while managing risk exposure.

Our Services

From strategic advisory to tailored training and policy development, we help you stay on top of global developments in emerging technologies, and prepare your organisation for the future.


Stay ahead of developing regulation and oversight of AI locally, regionally and globally and understand the stakeholders that affect your business. We provide intelligence, research and strategic counsel on workflow and processes, tool identification, integration, adoption, and management.

Training and Upskilling:

Equip your teams with essential AI skills for success in marketing and communications. Bespoke courses tailored to your needs, including:

  • Foundations of AI
  • Tools and Case Studies
  • AI Policy Creation
  • Ethics and Governance
  • Managing Disinformation

Governance and Risk:

Advisory and support with establishing robust governance, policies and protocols for seamless and reliable AI integration. We help create clear guidelines around the use of artificial intelligence to help mitigate risks, maintain compliance, and establish a responsible and ethical approach to AI adoption.

AI generated reputation management:

Auditing, managing and influencing how AI tools and technologies are interacting with and representing your brand.


In March 2023 we surveyed 406 communications professionals in five continents globally to understand their perceptions towards and adoption of AI.

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In partnership with PRovoke Media, the AI in Comms Virtual Roundtable Event was joined by a panel of esteemed industry leaders where we had in-depth discussions on AI adoption, and its potential impact on the communications industry.