We understand healthcare and the challenges that organisations face in meeting the needs of patients, caregivers, and their families in Asia Pacific – whether its helping fight disease, changing people’s behaviour or educating and keeping them well. We take an evidence-based approach to developing reputations, educating healthcare professionals, influencing the right people in order to deliver impactful outcomes, and arguing for best-in-class policies.

This has never been more important. Advancements in life sciences and our digital environment create exciting new opportunities, but also many challenges. Demographic changes in Asia Pacific are driving changes to healthcare needs and expectations. Businesses, charities and government all have to navigate this complex environment while trying to better service patients and consumers. Our work that we deliver is underpinned by deep expertise and the best research and insights to ensure that our clients are the best informed.


Sandpiper Health, a strategic communications and public affairs consultancy specialising in healthcare, is a merger of Sandpiper’s existing, award-winning integrated health practice, and the health practice of our recently acquired China-based consultancy, North Head, bringing together extensive expertise in healthcare policy and advocacy and communications, working towards better health outcomes in Asia Pacific and beyond. Our integrated full-service client support is driven by a team of specialist consultants spread across the region delivering change that matters.

Robert Magyar - Sandpiper

Robert Magyar

Sarada Chellam

Sandpiper Healthcare Tracker 2022 Webinar Highlights

News & insights

  • AI in Healthcare
    AI in Healthcare
    AI is transforming healthcare. We delve into the variety of ongoing and anticipated applications for AI in healthcare and the approaches that key markets are taking for regulation, also highlighting AI’s application towards challenging therapeutic areas.
  • Genome Sequencing and Personalised Medicine
    Genome Sequencing and Personalised Medicine
    The advent of genome sequencing is revolutionising healthcare, including a significant paradigm shift toward personalised medicine, paving the way for tailored diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
  • The Rise of Medical Tourism in Asia Pacific
    The Rise of Medical Tourism in Asia Pacific
    The double digit growth forecast for medical tourism in Asia Pacific signifies growing demand for innovative products and cost effective treatment options in the region.
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