COVID-19 News

  • Hong Kong’s outgoing leader has said she will not “give in a single inch” to requests by international business chambers and consulates to ease the city’s tough pandemic measures, citing an expected visit by top state figures and the need to avoid confusion in light of the coming transition of power for the local administration.
  • Researchers at King's College London found that the Omicron variant of coronavirus is less likely to cause long COVID-19 than previous variants. The study is believed to be the first academic research to show Omicron does not present as great a risk of long COVID-19, but that does not mean long COVID-19 patient numbers are dropping, the team said.
  • Advisers to the U.S Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday unanimously recommended the agency authorize COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna Inc and Pfizer Inc/BioNTech SE for millions of the youngest American childre.

Global News Highlights

  • US retail sales fell in May for the first time in five months, restrain by a plunge in auto purchases and other big-ticket items, suggesting moderating demand for goods amid decades-high inflation.
  • Britain’s jobless rate rose for the first time since late 2020 and other measures of the country’s hot labour market cooled, potentially easing inflation worries at the Bank of England which is due to raise rates again this week.
  • Australia's jobs market has continued to strengthen, with unemployment remaining at 3.9 per cent last month and underemployment falling to a 14-year low.

Asia News Highlights

  • China’s economy showed initial signs of recovery in May in the wake of all-in efforts to stem downturn risks, while overall growth remained fragile and analysts called for strong support measures to sustain a solid recovery.
  • Japan ran its biggest single-month trade deficit in more than eight years in May as high commodity prices and declines in the yen swelled imports, clouding the country's economic outlook.
  • South Korea’s government downgraded its economic growth forecast for this year to less than the central bank’s outlook and raised its inflation estimate higher, underscoring mounting challenges for policy makers.

World 2.0

  • Two European Parliament committees on Tuesday backed an attempt to stop the EU labelling gas and nuclear energy as climate-friendly investments, setting the stage for a full parliament vote on whether to reject the rules next month.
  • European Union financial services chief Mairead McGuinness on Tuesday urged the bloc’s law makers to agree on bank capital rules to keep the sector resilient as it emerges from the pandemic and markets fragment due to war in Ukraine.
  • China and Singapore have strengthened bilateral relations after the two countries announced collaborations to promote the green economy and enhance cooperation and exchanges in the digital economy.

Latest COVID-19 Cases

    United States87,861,132 cases
    746,392 new cases
    up 0.86% on last Friday
    1,035,928 deaths
    reported to date
    66.80% fully
    vaccinated to date
    United Kingdom22,239,374 cases
    136 new cases
    up 0.00% on last Friday
    196,643 deaths
    reported to date
    87.00% fully
    vaccinated to date
    Hong Kong1,222,987 cases
    6,145 new cases
    up 0.50% on last Friday
    9,392 deaths
    reported to date
    88.00% fully
    vaccinated to date
    Singapore1,355,801 cases
    23,145 new cases
    up 1.74% on last Friday
    1,401 deaths
    reported to date
    92.00% fully
    vaccinated to date
    India43,269,452 cases
    62,187 new cases
    up 0.14% on last Friday
    524,803 deaths
    reported to date
    64.73% fully
    vaccinated to date
    Brazil31,644,703 cases
    283,853 new cases
    up 0.91% on last Friday
    668,892 deaths
    reported to date
    78.57% fully
    vaccinated to date
    China225,172 cases
    592 new cases
    up 0.26% on last Friday
    5,226 deaths
    reported to date
    87.05% fully
    vaccinated to date
    Australia7,737,192 cases
    175,078 new cases
    up 2.32% on last Friday
    9,238 deaths
    reported to date
    95.00% fully
    vaccinated to date
    Globally543,107,413 cases
    3,918,046 new cases
    up 0.73% on last Friday
    6,338,038 deaths
    reported to date
    62.00% fully
    vaccinated to date