• The Central Military Commission (CMC) oversees overall administration of China’s armed forces. It has 15 functional sections including seven departments, three commissions, and five directly affiliated bodies.




  • He Weidong 何卫东,Vice Chairmen
  • Li Shangfu 李尚福, Committee Member
  • Liu Zhenli 刘振立,Committee Member
  • Miao Hua 苗华,Committee Member
  • Zhang Shengmin 张升民,Committee Member 

Departments and Institutes under Central Military Commission

  • General Office 中央军委办公厅
  • Joint Staff Department 中央军委联合参谋部
  • Political Work Department 中央军委政治工作部
  • Logistic Support Department 中央军委后勤保障部
  • Equipment Development Department 中央军委装备发展部
  • Training and Administration Department 中央军委训练管理部
  • National Defense Mobilization Department 中央军委国防动员部
  • Discipline Inspection Commission 中央军委纪律检查委员会
  • Politics and Law Commission 中央军委政法委员会
  • Science and Technology Commission 中央军委科学技术委员会
  • Office for Strategic Planning 中央军委战略规划办公室
  • Office for Reform and Organizational Structure 中央军委改革和编制办公室
  • Office for International Military Cooperation 中央军委国际军事合作办公室
  • Audit Office 中央军委审计署
  • Agency for Offices Administration 中央军委机关事务管理总局