International Media

More than ever, the international news organisations set the agenda, defining reputations and deciding how the big stories of the day are covered around the world. Their pre-eminence means every organisation needs to consider why, when and how to engage with them.

Our approach is to work with our clients to understand their priorities and to develop a communication strategy that meet their needs. We help clients manage everything from their financial reporting, executive profile raising and partnerships, through to crisis preparation and management.

Our highly experienced team works with the editorial and commercial teams across all the international media, from the senior editors through to the sector correspondents. We work hard to understand their priorities, to better support clients. The international media have in-depth sector expertise and experience, they are focused, well-resourced and move rapidly.

Our team helps organisations define, promote and protect their reputation with this key audience.

Our international media advisory offering includes:

Insights and analysis

  • Landscape and trend analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Reputation and perception auditing

PA&GR / Strategic positioning

  • Position mapping
  • Strategic communications review
  • Message testing


  • Integrated campaign and news management
  • Relationship development
  • Partnership identification, outreach and management
Ed Brewster

Ed Brewster